Life at 40.....Weight 203#

I turned 40 today. It's not as bad as turning 30 was. However, I have learned that loosing weight and being healthy is no longer "easy".

I've joined a gym and am working out twice a week with a trainer for 3 weeks now and am doing cardio on my own, I spend an hour with the trainer twice a week during "circuits" which change every week. It's like doing cardio and weights at the same time. On at lease 2 other days of the week I am doing straight cardio (treadmill and bike) for 30 minutes each.

I'm eating healthier (not healthy yet, but am working on it). My goal for the year of my 40th birthday is to loose ~60# and get to the 140-145# range.

I'll post regularly to keep you updated on my progress.

Valentines Dinner

Martin and I are just back from our Valentine's dinner. He took me to Season's 52. If you have not gone, I highly suggest you go. A seasonal menu with fresh produce and meat....AND all dishes are less than 500 calories (I think it is less than 470 or something, but can never remember). It is a nice upscale casual of obnoxius, screaming kids (and adults). Prices are a little high, but less than most steak houses....Did I say free of screaming kids? I had lamb chops and Martin had the venison. Then we went to the video store and got a flick...Storm Chasers tonight.
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You never know just how dirty your carpets are....

Having 3 dogs...Two of which are ancient (and one incontinent)...You never quite know just how dirty your carpets are. Which is why I switched to hard wood floors in the living room, dining room, hall, etc.

However, my bedroom remains carpeted. Martin and I just bought new bedroom furniture. So while removing our old stuff, I saw just how dirty it was.

We rented a steam cleaner as the new stuff is not due until Saturday. 6 buckets of grime later, I am beginning to remember the color the carpet was when I moved in.

I only regret now not going with wood floors in the Bedrooms also. Maybe I'll tile the bedroom when I tile the master bath.

My worst nightmare comes true

Throughout my childhood, I had one re-occurring nightmare. This afternoon-it came true. Fortunately for me, my husband arrived on his steed (aka mustang) in time to save the day and listen to be bitch (and shake).

It all started around 3:00 this afternoon when I heard a noise sounding like an empty soda can falling off a counter (clink).

I followed the noise to the kitchen and looked out the open back door onto the patio. There I saw the most horrific sight imaginable - A sight to which I woke many a night as a child in a cold sweat.

There, before me, was a cloud of angry darkness, humming, chanting, taunting....
A swarm of bees made it's way to my patio.

My puppy (Pepper) refused to come in....Thousands of bees on the patio (about 5,000 per the exterminator) separating me from my baby...And me stuck in the house trying in vain to call the baby in.

Pepper, naturally un-phased (and un-stung) returned about 15 minutes later. He just lied on his lounger wondering what the fuss was.

Momma, on the other hand was in full-blown panic attack. Did I mention, I'm allergic to bees?

Anyway the exterminator came and boxed them up and brought them to Dallas where he has a bee farm. They will live happy there, safely far enough away not to wander back. I'm told they have a 5 mile range and are going to live at least 20 miles away (yeah!).

Did I mention I hate bees!
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Jenn's Home and Cooking again

So... Leave me at home for a week and two new cooking magazines and I cook for my husband. So far this week I've made:

Soba Noodle Salad with Salmon and Asparagus

Pea and Radish Salad with Goat Cheese (Served with sauteed mushrooms and grilled chicken)
Has peas, sugar snap peas, edamame, thinly sliced radish tossed in a vinaigrette and topped with goatcheese.

Spicy (ground) pork with mushrooms and Asparagus and chilie over rice.

(I know these menus are heavy on the Asparagus, but it's in season and it's my favorite vegetable).

The best part... I'm eating like a queen and loosing weight. I need to stay home more frequently.
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